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GLOBAL 3D is the benchmark World-class 3D Model Helicopter Competition.
The event is usually held on a weekend in July at a venue suitable for the most challenging competition for top class pilots from all over the World.

Our Mission:
onceived as a showcase for all the talent, dedication and enthusiasm of the 3D helicopter pilot, GLOBAL 3D is confirming to the original founding principles:

  • To be the Number One World 3D Helicopter Competition by virtue of its precise reflection
    of the art of 3D

  • Flying To provide a progressive path for ambitious and talented pilots.

  • To publicize and popularize 3D Helicopter Flying to the public at large.

  • To promote and accelerate 3D Helicopter and Equipment development.

Pilots, Sponsors and Spectators usually make a weekend of the event by staying in accommodation local to the GLOBAL 3D site. It gives them an opportunity to mix and exchange ideas with like-minded people and to watch or take part in the Evening Events.  Our Competitors may enter the competition at one of two levels, Expert, and Master Class, and there is a natural and encouraged path up through the levels as year’s progress. The Expert Class Level is for experienced pilots who may or may not be sponsored. These pilots would generally represent the best club fliers from their respective countries.
Master Class Pilots are known International Pilots who are usually sponsored and are anxious to ensure that their Product is adequately represented on the World Scene.  

Make no mistake, at whichever level the pilot is accepted, he or she is assured of grueling, intense competition, an atmosphere unmatched anywhere, and the undivided attention of an educated, knowledgeable and appreciative audience.
Judging is carried out by Internationally-recognized and capable 3D pilots who themselves would be out there competing were it not for the fact that the Organizers will not accept their entries! 

The GLOBAL 3D Competition has a very testing format comprising three separate disciplines:

  1. Set Manoeuvres.
    In this round of the competition each pilot elects to fly 5 manoeuvres chosen from a pre-published schedule. Once the entrant has chosen the manouevres and entered the competition they may not be altered, the pilot must concentrate on perfecting those manoeuvres for the competition. The list of Set Manoeuvres is changed from year to year, and the manoeuvres themselves carry varying difficulty, or 'k' factors, which may well influence the pilot’s choice.

  2. Freestyle.
    The freestyle round allows the pilots to show the audience and the judges just what they are capable of in a totally free format. So for example they may simply push the sticks into the corner of the box and sort out the resulting confusion, they may carefully consider and rehearse a sequence of their best and most daring manoeuvres, or they may choose to use limbo tapes, props and/or pyrotechnics to augment their performance. Whichever, the Freestyle flights in GLOBAL 3D are not to be missed for their daring, dynamicism and sheer talent.

  3. Flight to Music.
    3D aerobatics is an art form in it's infancy, and it has been demonstrated that when a model helicopter is flown accurately to music, a rare beauty becomes evident. Some pilots are very skilled in selecting suitable music and developing flight routines to best show off their ability and that of their machine, others not quite so skilled. Whatever, we at GLOBAL 3D believe that Flight to Music should be an important part of the rounded 3D pilot's repertoire, and so we provide a forum for them to develop and practice. (The audience love it too!)

The culmination of the event is a fly-off for the top five pilots in each of the classes, followed by the Prize-giving and then a Victory Flight from each Winner - ten minutes in which to do whatever they like to wring out the stresses and strains of the competition - and it's usually pretty outrageous.

There is no substitute for BEING THERE

Please come along and join us at GLOBAL 3D !!!